Elbow supports with 3D adjustment

Coating with silver ion treatment that prevents the formation of odors and stains that cause germs and bacteria. Very high resistance to abrasions, scratches and rubbing, ideal for sanitary environments, easy maintenance. made with high density padding.


Worktop in fine wood solid wood thickness bambo mm 40.


Top Quality nanotechnology laminated worktop with anti-fingerprint nanotechnology, easy to clean, hygienic, antibacterial, antistatic, shockproof, water repellent, thermal repair of micrographs, colors to choose from as per folder.


Laminated worktop leather effect choice colors as per folder.

Vain divisors

Vain divisors for drawers.

Stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate for worktop protection.

Chest of drawers

Chest of drawers on wheelswith 5 drawers full extraction with automatic return and soft closure to combine with the standard models ECOLUX.

Central closing

Central closing drawer drawers partial extraction.

Boxin steel and Lexan

Boxin steel and Lexan with extractable drawer for dust recovery and suction connection.


Kit Eolo composed of: control panel to be applied under the plane of the inclined work bench for better ergonomics of use, with pressure gauge, adjustments independent for suction and blowing, additional air intake with quick coupling, recovery filter for incorrectly aspirated parts and filter for condensation with recovery tank. Nr 1 puff pen with ergonomic handle. Nr 1 suction pen with ergonomic handle. Nr 2 flexible and adjustable tubes with automatic return.


Kit Eolo 1 composed of: control panel to be applied under the work bench top, with pressure gauge, blowing adjustment, additional air intake with quick coupling. Nr 1 puff pen with ergonomic handle. Nr 2 flexible and adjustable tubes with automatic return of which one for the pen supplied the other prepared for possible application of pneumatic tools.

Blow pen

Blow pen with ergonomic handle.

Pen Aspiration

Pen Aspiration with ergonomic handle.


Aspirator prepared for installation under the counter or in the ERGOLUX version possibility of insertion in the special concealed compartment. 3-stage filtering system – microfiber bag, class m cartridge filter, and output HEPA filter, EMC electronics and power tool socket; an automatic start-up and shut-off system, power regulation is included.

Kit double flexible

Kit double flexible and adjustable tube with double suction nozzle and suction under adjustable wedge.


Adapter-switch ON/OFF Version Premium with integrated blue LED.

Usb charger

Dual port USB charger


Speaker Bluetooth

Single column

Single column in aluminum

Kit columns and bar

Kit composed of 2 columns and Multifunction bar.

Tablet holder

Tablet holder for adjustable arm

Adjustable arm

Adjustable arm with attachment VESA

Container system

Aluminum container system 30 cm with lid and two internal dividers.

Magnetic support

Magnetic support for tools.

Glass custody

Glass custody diameter 70 mm complete with inclined support 30°.

Aluminum cup case

Aluminum cup case diameter 80 mm complete with support.

LED bench lamp

LED bench lamp, innovative arm supported by pneumatic thrust therefore without springs or uncomfortable screwed friction systems, high quality white, without flickering. equipped with 4 different independently controlled colors all of which can be dimmed and superimposed between them:daylight (6500K), cool light (4000K), warm light (3000K) e U.V. Bluetooth command with dedicated App.

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair with automatic adjuster according to body weight and seat depth adjuster, base in black polypropylene, shell in black micro-perforated back, seat upholstery in eco-leather. choice colors as per folder. Technology: Syncro-Relax-Automatic®

  • Automatic synchronized seat / back adjuster with the possibility of positioning in the most advanced position or permanent contact
  • Automatic adjustment of the oscillating intensity of the backrest according to the operator’s body weight
  • Opening angle 90° – 125°
  • Seat inclination adjustment – tilt (-3°) coordinated with the backrest inclination
  • Seat depth adjuster (5 cm)

Ergonomic chair with seat inclination

Ergonomic chair with seat inclination, base in black propylene, back shell in black back, seat and back upholstery in eco-leather. choice colors as per folder. Technology: Syncro Activ Balance®

  • Synchronized seat / backrest adjuster with the possibility of micrometric positioning or permanent contact
  • Custom regulator of the oscillating intensity of the backrest according to the operator’s body weight (Kg 50 – 125)
  • Additional regulator of seat inclination (-12°)
  • Seat: adjustable in height (44-60 cm) with incorporated seat cushion
  • Backrest: adjustable in height cm. 7 by push-button and inclination (90° – 125°)

Adjustable stool
Adjustable stool suitable for tasks and activities carried out in a semi-seated position. Seat: tilting swivel 45° in black polyurethane or completely covered in eco-leather
  • Seat height adjuster (cm. 64 – 80)
  • Seat inclination adjuster – 12°
  • Base: anti-tilt security base in die-cast polished aluminum with a closed design
  • Wheels: self-locking wheels depending on the load (locked when seated – free when standing) or self-braking wheels or fixed feet.


Compressor a few model available